Kades-Kaden is the design agency of graphic designer Bas Mantel and visual artist Martijn Couwenhoven. We use our passion for (old) fonts, cutting & pasting, and printing techniques such as screen printing to design images and original creative solutions, both online and in print.

Visual and textual communication

Each product and design requires its own solution. Whether it’s with clear typography with a handcrafted look, or old techniques combined with those of today -we make your story visual and communicative. Kades-Kaden also has experience in writing or editing content. From glossy magazines to websites, or just adding content to a brochure.

Together we come to the core of your product or organization in order to create a design that is able to reach your target audience and brings them into motion: interaction, understanding, curiosity, interest, communication. From our studio on the waterfront of the river “De Zaan” we aim to make your plans and ambitions concrete.

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Graphic design
Brand identity / branding / logos / typography / art / ads / posters / overlays / (art) catalogs

Web Design
Concept / design / development / content text and image

Animation / stop-motion / documentary

Logos / artwork / typesetting

Some of our clients

Music Center the Netherlands / Filmfreak distribution / Publisher Oevers / Aagoo Records / Bookshop De Slegte / Bookshop Polare

Out of love for art and music Kades-Kaden publishes in cooperation with Publisher Oevers and record label Rev.Laboratories (art) books and music.

Bas Mantel – Creative director / graphic designer

Since graduating from HKU in 1998, Bas (1973) has worked as a graphic designer for (music) magazines, record labels and cultural institutions. He works with various media, from print to animation (stop-motion) movies. His work is characterized by the combination of old-school skills combined with modern technological techniques. Bas has a predilection for the use of found footage imagery and typography.

Martijn Couwenhoven – Creative Director / Copywriter

Martijn (1972) graduated from the Graphic Lyceum in Amsterdam and the Art Academy in Kampen. Since 1997 he has been working as an artist and writer. He also worked as a web editor for different sites and wrote articles on art and culture for various magazines.